Sales = Wealth, that’s the reason for this blog

Why would anyone care?

It's the core issue in choosing to launch a blog. If they don't care what you think then your blog, like a lot of social media, is an exercise in narcissism. You do it because it makes you feel good about you, whether it's the fantasy of throngs of readers/followers hanging on the diamonds of wisdom you occasionally bestow or you simply just enjoy the writing that gives your "important" thoughts permanence. You do it because it entertains you.

How do you make them care?

Delivering value seems like a sure way. Value is the perception derived from receiving something you like a lot at little cost. Sales, for products or services, is what every company was started to achieve, even if the founders occasionally forget it. From those sales come the profits, validation and growth that give companies a market value many times it's actual revenue. Those multiples of value are what create wealth. People care about wealth, so they'll find value in commentary that help Sales, the activity driving the creation of wealth. Sales = Wealth.

Sales = Wealth

Writing well about Sales equaling Wealth, with insights, analysis, and data gleaned from years of toiling as a Silicon Valley Sales General in the global technology wars should find an attentive audience of business people. This blog will discuss Sales in all its aspects and glory and will range into methodology, execution/operations, leadership, strategy and the inevitable turmoil.  My qualifications to discuss this is are well laid out in this blog. Suffice it to say that I have participated in most of the technology wars of Silicon Valley over the past 20 year as a sales/marketing person or sales leader and have seen industries grow spectacularly and die mercilessly taking investors money and executives careers with them. I have seen the fads in technology and sales come and go, have experienced and managed all the major selling methodologies, have won and lost campaigns, have grown and reduced sales organizations, have managed sales to the point of unconscious competence, a level of knowledge where you do the right thing without thinking about it or knowing why. That unconscious competence, the muscle-memory, driving the insights of sales generals are extraordinarily valuable to entrepreneurs, senior executives and investors. Quite simply, the people in those functions have rarely actually sold anything. They never learned sales in engineering, finance and business school. It's not taught there. Sales is a black box into which they throw money and effort and hope for a result from the people in the organization who are often the least educated and sophisticated. But entrepreneurs, senior executives and investors do understand that Sales = Wealth. This blog will be about Sales because everyone in business cares about wealth.

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